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    WOAW has created some special items to show your love of the Land! See the newest Cleveland Indian's World Series wall art!

The Art that ignites the Arc!

While Jereme is continually inspired by reclaiming metal objects and bringing new life, that only scratches the surface of his artistry! His work with string instruments continues with his most recent work; Lament of Icarus. 

This lighted metal Cello sculpture started as a 1/2 size Cello for young students. After years of wear and tear the instrument was no longer fit to repair and play, but Jereme's vision gave it an entirely new way to inspire for generations to come! This wasn't the first time Work of Arc has created inspiring art from stringed instruments and it won't be the last. Find out more here.  

creative and innovative metal working

There are many skilled welders, and many creative artists but Work of Arc Welding can bring these two words together! Jereme believes that "overkill is underrated" and that amount of thought and skill go into every project, from the most simple repair to a highly complex custom build.

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    WOAW has created some special items to show your love of the Land!

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