The Lament of Icarus

The second in his line of stringed instruments, The Lament of Icarus, is a truly unique expression of creativity through metal work and reclamation.
The Lament of Icarus - By Work of Arc Welding

Made from what remained of a 1/2 Cello, abused by young students, Jereme's vision took more than 100 hours in metal work alone!

His vision of the rise and fall of Icarus is interpreted through the two wings, one rising towards the Sun clean and shining, while the other falls burned to the ground. These wings feature bended feathers which Jereme bent one at a time on his own custom built Bender.

The Edison style LED light inside the piece represents the Sun while also giving this piece functionality. The warm light is equipped with a dimmer to provide the perfect light in any space.

Included with the lighted sculpture is a stand as well as custom case. As of April 2017 The Lament of Icarus is available for the price of $3,100, before tax, shipping and handling. Please contact Work of Arc Welding for more information today!